Vodka Infusions

I wanted to share a little project that I started on, based on a restaurant inspiration. Seasons 52, a healthy and seasonal restaurant, located in the heart of the Shops at Legacy does infusion martinis. They have an Organic Sunshine, seasonal grapefruit, and seasonal strawberry basil martini. Basically they take a jar of vodka and soak fruit in it for about a week – then they make delicious martinis out of them.

I’ve made my own concoctions, but this new one is the one I’m most excited about! I call it “Winter in Texas” because of the tropical pineapples and oranges thrown in with winter pomegranate. I used Stoli vodka, and I’m going to let this infusion soak for about a week and a half to truly get all of the flavor it can. Try one of these at home! They always come out delicious…Image

Below, I posted a link to a website that shows other vodka infusions. It is always fun and surprising to see what people play around with when it comes to their liquor. Some infusions are down-right ridiculous, others sound delicious and inspire!




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One thought on “Vodka Infusions

  1. Alicia says:

    The pomegranate-orange combo is so pretty! And I love your infusion vessel. We do a lot of infusing, and have lots of recipes if you are interested in any other new ideas. Cheers~

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