This restaurant is a hidden gem! Asian fusion cuisine is my absolute favorite, and I stumbled across this place while browsing through yelp reviews. It is super cozy, romantic, and kind of feels like an underground spot — located right next to Inwood theater, so it’s great for date night! Whether you’re craving sushi or hot food, they’ve got it all – and it always hits the spot.

The lettuce wraps are an appetizer to die for. They are served with hydroponic butter lettuce, and a sweet chili glaze. It gives you the option of chicken, beef, or rock shrimp. I always get the chicken, but I imagine the others will be just as good.

The surf and turf tataki is another appetizer that truly hits the spot. You want seafood, you want meat – but you don’t want to have to pick sides… It’s served with rare tuna and a medium rare tenderloin alongside a delicious and unique broccolini salad.

Now, let’s talk about my favorite thing on the menu… The crispy calamari salad is a fusion of flavors that really excites the palette. Just the right amount of calamari, heart of palm, a citrus vinaigrette, and pickled onions create this salad perfection.

Entrees… The hoisin baby back ribs are tender fall of the bone goodness. A half rack goes for $15 and it’s enough to fill you up well. The other dish I tried and truly enjoyed was the miso black cod served with bok choy and a sake-corn soup. You can’t go wrong with either of these options.

P.S- Half priced bottles of wine on Mondays. It’s a great opportunity to try expensive wines for a fraction less!


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