Inwood Theater

It is essential to experience a movie at the Inwood Theater. They have one massive room filled with the coziest bean bags, couches, pillows, and blankets. The only con to this is, that you need to make sure and ask what movie is playing in that room. Typically it is the highest grossing or newest release film. Another great thing about this theater is that they serve liquor and beer! It’s in a great Lovers Lane area as well if you want to grab dinner at some great restaurants like Shinsei and Fireside Pies.

Now, on to the most important reason why you need to visit Inwood Theater. An independent movie called The Room was released in 2003. This movie is INFAMOUS, but not because it’s good, because it’s horrible… It has turned into a cult classic, and the Inwood Theater features at least a couple showings a month where cult followers come in, throw stuff at the screen, laugh, and yell out the cheesiest lines alongside the characters of this movie. Explaining it does not justice, it needs to be experienced!

I was lucky enough to experience one of the showings in 2011 where the director/lead actor Tommy Wiseau actually came in and did a Q&A. Stay posted, and I’ll try to find out details on if he is coming back again – because it is a hilarious and bizarre experience!



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