Central Market

Move over Whole Foods…

Every foodie needs to experience Central Market. Hands down, it’s the best grocery store in the Dallas area. I have childhood memories hanging out on the large pieces of fruit they use as decoration in front of the store. Re-inacted below as a big kid!

Why does Central Market rock?

  • Massive selection of global beer + wine.
  • Lobster, crab, venison, tuna steaks, filet – (great quality).
  • Intriguing selection of exotic fruits and vegetables, you’re sure to come across beautiful shapes and colors you’ve never seen in your life.
  • Gelato, bulk candy, deli, bakery, cafe, ETC…

Basically, it feels like entering a world market filled with everything you could possibly want. If you want a healthy lunch, it’s a great place to grab a meal on the go and eat it there. Great idea for anyone on UTD campus since there’s a Central Market conveniently located a couple minutes away.

Two things you must try when you visit. 1) Blueberries & Cream cookies in the bakery. 2) Apricot Almond Chicken Salad.

Tune into their blog to hear about great new recipes, products, & ideas!

Central Market Blog


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