Ah, it’s that time of the year… Halloween decorations and pumpkin spice lattes! Naturally, one of the things I crave at this point is going to a good haunted house. The last 3 years I’ve gone to Cutting Edge, and loved it. I went this past Sunday with high expectations, which were unfortunately not met. The lines were extra long, so my friend and I decided to get the speed pass alongside our ticket. The total came out to $50 a person. We literally entered the haunted house two minutes later.


  • The haunted house lasts about an hour.
  • They play haunting music from the 90s.
  • The costumes are realistically eery.


  • They were extremely understaffed! The number of people that pop out to scare you were a fraction of what they usually are. Maybe it’s a Sunday thing?
  • I did not genuinely get scared ONCE.
  • The groups were not paced out enough, so we constantly met up and all the scares were spoiled by the people screaming in front of us.

This Haunted House holds a record for “world’s largest walk-through haunted house”. Don’t let my review get you down… I was extremely dissatisfied by my experience this year, but the last few years rocked my world. Give it a try, check it out, just avoid going on a Sunday — I think maybe they skimp out on staff.

Last but not least, enjoy the wall of bubbles you walk through in the end. I look really happy!Image

Cutting Edge: Haunted House

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One thought on “Cutting Edge: Haunted House

  1. billysimpson says:

    The picture of the spooky witch covered in bubbles terrified me! That sounds like good times though, I love the adrenaline rush I get from haunted houses. I have never been to that one, but it sounds decent. I think I’ll check it out, after sell a kidney to earn that kind of money.

    Must be nice to be in that tax bracket! Love the blog idea!

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