Post Internet

My initial interpretation of the term “post internet” was a form of media that no longer deemed the internet to be valid. That confused me, and as I continued reading I realized I was completely wrong. 

“The postinternet is a moment, a condition, a property, and a quality that encompasses and transcends new media.”

I think the reason that this needs a term beyond just the “internet” era, is because we are seeing all sorts of collaboration, remixing, and even glitching that show true influence from the internet and digital media. Whether this art is created online or offline, there is influence from digital media. That being said, all these terms for new media do confuse me a little bit. Will post internet art ever stop being a thing? 


Vodka Infusions

I wanted to share a little project that I started on, based on a restaurant inspiration. Seasons 52, a healthy and seasonal restaurant, located in the heart of the Shops at Legacy does infusion martinis. They have an Organic Sunshine, seasonal grapefruit, and seasonal strawberry basil martini. Basically they take a jar of vodka and soak fruit in it for about a week – then they make delicious martinis out of them.

I’ve made my own concoctions, but this new one is the one I’m most excited about! I call it “Winter in Texas” because of the tropical pineapples and oranges thrown in with winter pomegranate. I used Stoli vodka, and I’m going to let this infusion soak for about a week and a half to truly get all of the flavor it can. Try one of these at home! They always come out delicious…Image

Below, I posted a link to a website that shows other vodka infusions. It is always fun and surprising to see what people play around with when it comes to their liquor. Some infusions are down-right ridiculous, others sound delicious and inspire!




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This restaurant is a hidden gem! Asian fusion cuisine is my absolute favorite, and I stumbled across this place while browsing through yelp reviews. It is super cozy, romantic, and kind of feels like an underground spot — located right next to Inwood theater, so it’s great for date night! Whether you’re craving sushi or hot food, they’ve got it all – and it always hits the spot.

The lettuce wraps are an appetizer to die for. They are served with hydroponic butter lettuce, and a sweet chili glaze. It gives you the option of chicken, beef, or rock shrimp. I always get the chicken, but I imagine the others will be just as good.

The surf and turf tataki is another appetizer that truly hits the spot. You want seafood, you want meat – but you don’t want to have to pick sides… It’s served with rare tuna and a medium rare tenderloin alongside a delicious and unique broccolini salad.

Now, let’s talk about my favorite thing on the menu… The crispy calamari salad is a fusion of flavors that really excites the palette. Just the right amount of calamari, heart of palm, a citrus vinaigrette, and pickled onions create this salad perfection.

Entrees… The hoisin baby back ribs are tender fall of the bone goodness. A half rack goes for $15 and it’s enough to fill you up well. The other dish I tried and truly enjoyed was the miso black cod served with bok choy and a sake-corn soup. You can’t go wrong with either of these options.

P.S- Half priced bottles of wine on Mondays. It’s a great opportunity to try expensive wines for a fraction less!


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Inwood Theater

It is essential to experience a movie at the Inwood Theater. They have one massive room filled with the coziest bean bags, couches, pillows, and blankets. The only con to this is, that you need to make sure and ask what movie is playing in that room. Typically it is the highest grossing or newest release film. Another great thing about this theater is that they serve liquor and beer! It’s in a great Lovers Lane area as well if you want to grab dinner at some great restaurants like Shinsei and Fireside Pies.

Now, on to the most important reason why you need to visit Inwood Theater. An independent movie called The Room was released in 2003. This movie is INFAMOUS, but not because it’s good, because it’s horrible… It has turned into a cult classic, and the Inwood Theater features at least a couple showings a month where cult followers come in, throw stuff at the screen, laugh, and yell out the cheesiest lines alongside the characters of this movie. Explaining it does not justice, it needs to be experienced!

I was lucky enough to experience one of the showings in 2011 where the director/lead actor Tommy Wiseau actually came in and did a Q&A. Stay posted, and I’ll try to find out details on if he is coming back again – because it is a hilarious and bizarre experience!


R+D Kitchen

Houston’s is one of my favorite restaurants, so I was stoked about trying one of their concepts. When we arrived they told us it would be a 20 minute wait and let us know that the bar seating was available. We decided to wait, and they called us to a table after just 5 minutes. (I think the 20 minutes claim is a way to fill up the bar.)

The server approached our table with, “Hi, what would you liked to drink?”. She promptly returned with water and asked, “Are you ready to order?”. The server was attentive, but not friendly. This is the only part of my dining experience that was lacking.

We started with the deviled eggs… which were awesome and a total bargain for $4! Then my brother and I split the carnitas sandwich alongside the seared tuna roll. The sandwich was a little messy, but damn near perfect. Every ingredient contributed, and it was may more exciting than your standard pulled pork sandwich. The tuna roll was delightful. Don’t fret that R+D isn’t a sushi bar, the fish was still very fresh and tasty. I was also glad that they don’t serve traditional soy sauce, it seems to be a ginger soy or something of that type — it’s excellent. Be sure to ask about the rolls on the menu though, because there is not a description next to them – and I think some of them are much more exciting than they sound.

All in all, food and ambiance were fantastic! If you are a fan of Hillstone concepts, don’t miss R+D Kitchen. It’s also just a walk away from Sprinkles cupcakes… We’ll leave that for another post 😉




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Central Market

Move over Whole Foods…

Every foodie needs to experience Central Market. Hands down, it’s the best grocery store in the Dallas area. I have childhood memories hanging out on the large pieces of fruit they use as decoration in front of the store. Re-inacted below as a big kid!

Why does Central Market rock?

  • Massive selection of global beer + wine.
  • Lobster, crab, venison, tuna steaks, filet – (great quality).
  • Intriguing selection of exotic fruits and vegetables, you’re sure to come across beautiful shapes and colors you’ve never seen in your life.
  • Gelato, bulk candy, deli, bakery, cafe, ETC…

Basically, it feels like entering a world market filled with everything you could possibly want. If you want a healthy lunch, it’s a great place to grab a meal on the go and eat it there. Great idea for anyone on UTD campus since there’s a Central Market conveniently located a couple minutes away.

Two things you must try when you visit. 1) Blueberries & Cream cookies in the bakery. 2) Apricot Almond Chicken Salad.

Tune into their blog to hear about great new recipes, products, & ideas!

Central Market Blog

Halloween: Blue Martini

You could say I’m biased, because I’m a cocktail server at Blue Martini, but you’d be wrong – this place has somethings for everyone. It’s an upscale martini lounge that has a multitude of specials throughout the week, as well as live entertainment that caters to the time of day.


If you don’t have any plans for Halloween, this is definitely a fun place to check out. There are three main bars & each one is dressing under a different theme. Patio bar is doing Magic Mike, stage bar is doing super heros, & VIP bar will be doing a schoolgirl theme. Happy hour is from 4-7 pm daily, including half-price off ALL drinks, including bottles… and discounted food. In addition to the Halloween festivities, Wednesday is also Ladies Night every week. Drinks continue to be half-off all night long for ladies, and some sassy designer shoes will be raffled off. Band starts at 8:00 PM, and DJ comes on at midnight. Hope to see y’all there! I’ll update with some pictures next week.

Here’s a link to check out the drink & food menu: Blue Martini Lounge

Ah, it’s that time of the year… Halloween decorations and pumpkin spice lattes! Naturally, one of the things I crave at this point is going to a good haunted house. The last 3 years I’ve gone to Cutting Edge, and loved it. I went this past Sunday with high expectations, which were unfortunately not met. The lines were extra long, so my friend and I decided to get the speed pass alongside our ticket. The total came out to $50 a person. We literally entered the haunted house two minutes later.


  • The haunted house lasts about an hour.
  • They play haunting music from the 90s.
  • The costumes are realistically eery.


  • They were extremely understaffed! The number of people that pop out to scare you were a fraction of what they usually are. Maybe it’s a Sunday thing?
  • I did not genuinely get scared ONCE.
  • The groups were not paced out enough, so we constantly met up and all the scares were spoiled by the people screaming in front of us.

This Haunted House holds a record for “world’s largest walk-through haunted house”. Don’t let my review get you down… I was extremely dissatisfied by my experience this year, but the last few years rocked my world. Give it a try, check it out, just avoid going on a Sunday — I think maybe they skimp out on staff.

Last but not least, enjoy the wall of bubbles you walk through in the end. I look really happy!Image

Cutting Edge: Haunted House

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Signature Nail Salon

It is so hard to find a nail salon that is consistent and affordable. One of my girlfriends recommended Signature Nail Salon to me, conveniently located off of Coit & 121. Gel nails are the new craze right now. They last 2+ weeks, and when applied properly they should not peel at all. My go-to guy here is Allen. He did my nails below, and they look ridiculously good every time. Consistency = success, people. $30 for color, $35 for French. Nothing to do in Dallas? Go see Allen & treat yourself to some good looking nails!

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Savour:Tasting Room & Social Club

[ Savour: Tasting Room & Social Club, located at the beautiful Watters Creek in Allen. I can’t remember the last time I had such a phenomenal experience at a restaurant. The menu is tapas style, which means it features lots of small plates that are meant to be shared. Every dish I ordered was a success, the service was excellent (ask for Lauren) , and the ambience was perfect. I’ve spent $100+ on dinners that did nothing for me, for under $50 I enjoyed everything posted below.]

Shrimp Depth Charge: Jalapeños stuffed with shrimp, wisconsin cheddar, & wrapped in bacon. Served with chipotle ranch and hoisin dipping sauce. $12

Milanese chicken sliders: Fried chicken served on a kaiser bun with lettuce, pickle, & red onion. $9

Lamb pizza: Topped with lamb, feta cheese, mozarella, olives, tzaziki sauce, & creme fraiche. $12

Meatballs: Spicy tomato sauce & parmigiano reggiano. $6

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